The world’s most expensive carpets

How much would you pay for a carpet? A good carpet isn’t necessarily cheap‚Ķafter all it’s going to be gracing your home for a considerable period of time, so it’s not usually a case of going for the lowest costing option. If you want your floors to look good, then sometimes you need to take a step up in price. But how much would you be prepared to stretch to? Not as far as some of these we’d imagine‚Ķ

There are carpets out there that cost considerably more than those found on the average living room floor. Let’s take a look at five of the most expensive carpets ever sold‚Ķ

First up…

The Pearl Carpet of Baroda

This Indian creation fetched an eye watering $5.5million dollars in a Sotheby’s auction held in Doha, Qatar and went to an anonymous telephone bidder.

The carpet, dating from the seventeenth century, is made up of gems and pearls that include more than a million Basra seed pearls. That equates to five and a half dollars per pearl by our maths, which makes it sound like much more of a bargain….

However, at 5 feet 8 inches by 8 feet 8 inches, the rug would struggle to carpet your standard sitting room, which reduces the money to value ratio a little…

Next up…

Silk Isfahan rug

This one, as the name suggests, is made from silk and hails from central Persia. Slightly cheaper than the aforementioned Pearl Carpet of Baroda, it still comes with a hefty price tag…$4.45million to be precise. Crikey.

Tabriz carpet

These are traditional Persian carpets made in the Iranian city of Tabriz. With ornamental patterns, and cream, red or navy blue colouring, the carpet making art from Tabriz has been passed down from generation to generation, which makes genuine examples pretty valuable. One specimen fetched $182,500 at auction. Considerably cheaper than the previous two, but still a whacking fee! I bet that’ll look nice in the conservatory‚Ķ

Ziegler Mahal Carpet

Ziegler & Co was an Anglo-Swiss producer of Persian carpets that operated in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and was based in Manchester. Original Ziegler carpets are highly prized, with several fetching vast sums at auction. To date the most expensive sold for more than $180,000. Pretty pricey!

Ushak Rug

The final offering is a Turkish one named after the town of Uşak. Known for their star and medallion patterns, that particular style of carpet pattern originated here, making them much sort after. The quality of the luxurious woollen material used to make them have seen the rugs reach a peak price of $158,500.

Fancy one of these then? We can’t help you with that unfortunately‚Ķeven in our highest end ranges; we don’t have anything approaching these prices! But one day we want to see the Chipping Sodbury roll mat on that list‚Ķ

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