Things to consider before redecorating your rental property

We work closely with local letting agencies and private developers, so we know the challenges landlords face between tenants. Every Landlord at some time or another will have to come face to face with the taskofrenovating, refurbishing or redecorating their property. It’s important that when you do it youare clued up in all the right areas. It’s time to put personal taste aside and focus onfunctionality and durability, but don’t forget about style!

Your Tenants

Think about your target market. If you’re trying to get professional tenants, they will expectpremium furnishings and floors ≠- if the rent is high so should be the quality. If you’re letting tomore standard tenants you will have to consider your options a bit more carefully. Forexample, if you’re letting to a family consider child≠-friendly, hard wearing carpets.If you’re allowing pets in the property, be sure to avoid loop pile carpets as their paws andclaws can get trapped, but also don’t expect any clean floors or furnishings when it is timefor them to leave. Chances are your property will take a bit of a beating, so consider budgetcarefully, and weigh up the costs. You can use our Carpet Calculator to estimate a quote foryour next project.

Type of Property

Generally it is agreed that, due to high levels of wear and tear in rental properties, laminateflooring is a safe option. It is cheaper than hardwood flooring, requires less maintenancethan carpet and makes decoration the rest of the property easier due to the consistentneutral colours. However, if your property is a flat, or your tenants are to be living aboveanyone else, laminate flooring can cause excessive noise and lead to complaints, which willultimately end in more cost to you.

It’s also uncomfortable for pets and potentially unsafe for children. Laminate flooring can bevery slippery and anything that’s dropped onto it is more likely to break, so if you’re rentingout a family home and are expecting children and/or pets you are better off with carpet. Ifyou are going to go with laminate flooring we would suggest also supplying a rug for theliving area.

Size of Property

One of the best ways to make your property look bigger is through the clever use of neutralor grey carpets. Not only are grey carpets bang on trend for 2016, they are also extremelyeasy to decorate around. If you have the same colour carpet in adjoining rooms all of yourspaces will look bigger. Using a lighter coloured carpet also allows for a whole array ofaccessorising, and one of the most important things when renting or selling a property is foryour tenants to be able to see themselves and their things in your space.

Carpets are always a safe bet. Comfortable, stylish and quiet, they are the ideal floors forrental properties. If you are worried about the upkeep though, don’t worry, we have afantastic guide to help you get rid of any tough stains your tenants may leave behind.

For more information about the range of carpets we stock, advice, or questions regardingany of our other services, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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