Thick pile carpets and metallic furnishings – luxury decor on a budget

You may remember a couple of months ago we told you about the upcoming 2016 trend for big bold carpets. Now we want to take our advice one step further, and show you how you to get creative with gold and copper furnishings and how to compliment them to create the ultimate luxury home decor, without emptying your wallet.

  • Dark walls and dark carpets

It goes without saying, if you live in a small house or are working in a small office space, you need to tread carefully with dark flooring. It can be all too easy to overwhelm a small space with too many amazing interior design ideas. Dark colours contrast with the rich copper and gold colours, accentuating the colour, shape and shine of your furnishings.

If you are in a small space, consider a feature wall, using dark paint, with a large copper/gold mirror, clock or other statement decorative piece, with neutral beige/white carpets. For larger spaces, dark flooring and wall paints, when teamed with metallic accessories can produce a fantastic luxury effect.

  • Blue, blue, blue

The best colour to complement any gold, copper and indeed chrome furnishings is blue, the darker the better. Rich midnight blues will work alongside your stylish furnishings to create an effortless elegance. To take this look to the next level, we suggest a thick pile carpet in a dark blue. Even though the overall colour will be dark, the continuity will ensure the room doesn’t look small or claustrophobic, although with the right coordination this look can also work with more neutral thick pile carpets.

  • Coordination is key

Whether you go with copper, gold or chrome furnishings, it is important to coordinate the rest of the room in order to avoid it looking too busy. For example, if in a living room, match the sofa cushions with the wall colour and/or flooring. Look for other small accessories that match your other metallic furnishings, such as table lamps, snack bowls, candle holders etc. A rug is also a fantastic way to get these colours to pop, and is one of the best colour coordination tools out there.

Even thick pile carpets are cheaper than the hardwood and laminate equivalents, so you can create a luxury feel to your home or office space without breaking the bank.
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