The growing craze of artificial grass

Your feet are up, you’ve just mown and watered the lawn, chores are done. It’s time to relax with a cup of tea, right? Wrong. The dog comes in, scattering muddy paw ≠prints as he goes, the sky looks grey ≠the heaven’s are about to open! All your hard work ruined!

There is a way around that, and it has really taken off in the big city over the last few years. I am of course talking about artificial grass. Perfect for businesses and homeowners alike, artificial grass provides a low≠ maintenance, bug and weed≠ free alternative to the traditional garden lawn. Here’s just a few of the benefits:


I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous. But astroturf and artificial grass are transportable, certainly more so than real grass. Fitted like a carpet outside (or inside!), artificial grass provides the possibility of a portable garden.

Low maintenance

Artificial grass is extremely low maintenance. Have it fitted and you are good to go. Gone are the days when you dread your pets coming back in the house, when you have to water the lawn in the long summer months. No mowing, no weeding, no problem.

Great for built up city areas

Whether you want something a little different on your roof terrace or want to spruce up your front garden or driveway, artificial grass can be fitted in just about any environment. It is becoming increasingly popular in areas such as London and Manchester. It’s time to bring the revolution to the Southwest!

Pet and Child friendly

Artificial grass is far less likely to contain things potentially harmful to your child(ren), such as worms, weeds and animal droppings. You don’t need to apply fertiliser or pesticides, so not only are you helping your family, you are also helping the environment.

Hosepipe Ban

These words never need frighten you again, with no need to water or really maintain your artificial grass you can put your feet up and enjoy your evergreen garden, come rain, come shine.

Last week we fitted some artificial grass of our own and we’re pretty pleased with the results. Does this sound up your street? Do you need something low maintenance or maybe a touch of the outdoors in the office? Let us know.

Just give us a call on (01454) 838679 or come and visit us in store for a quote or advice from the team.

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