Textured carpets and rugs: need to know

Whether you’re in a cosy living room or an opulent spacious bedroom, a textured carpet or rug can add a splash of something different. Brighten up your house or even your office with different patterns and textures. From soft subtle patterns to striking stripes, there is the perfect place in every home for a textured rug or carpet.

Thick and Loop Pile Carpets

A quick and easy way to add a touch of class to your property is to add thick or loop pile carpets. (Watch out for pets pulling on the tufts though!). As we saw not long ago, thick pile carpets and metallic furnishings are the ideal way to create luxury decor on a budget. However these may be best suited to a bedroom as it is on average the lowest traffic area of the home. To make a statement in a communal living area, try a subtle pattern with coordinated furniture, or something a bit bolder if the space allows.

Luxury Rugs

The perfect balance between style and practicality for communal living areas comes in the form of thick and loop pile rugs. While thick pile carpets may not be suitable for carpeting high traffic areas such as the lounge, a thick pile rug, whether on laminate flooring or a more subtle carpet, adds an eye-catching feature to the room. Rugs are also fantastic for coordinating with furniture, upholstery or subtle carpet designs.

Patterned Carpets

Whether you prefer something bright and bold (and maybe a little retro), or something simpler and more muted like a floral print, there is always a place for patterned carpets in your property. Fantastic for entrance halls, bedrooms, dining rooms and living areas, patterned carpets are hugely versatile and there is something suitable for every room design and size. We also stock kid’s rugs and carpets, created with their favourite characters in mind.
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