Stay warm and save money this winter

Stay warm this winter with a carpet that not only looks good and but also saves you money.

As the clocks go back and the dark nights draw in, it’s a sign that winter is fast approaching. There are many things we love about the winter here at Carpet Giant, but the cold isn’t one of them. Luckily we have a few ideas up our sleeve on how to stay warm, save money and live in style throughout the season.

Stay warm

There are three things many of us want during the winter, while we’re both out and about, and at home. If you’ve ever made the mistake of placing your bare feet on cold flooring tiles first thing in the morning, you will be happy to know the solution comes in the form of carpet. It not only looks good, but is durable, less likely to suffer damage from the scrapes and knocks of moving furniture than other flooring types, and will promise to keep you warmer in the winter – lowering those ever-increasing energy bills.

Underfloor heating is always a valuable option, particularly under laminate, stone or hardwood flooring, but for us there is nothing better than a cushioned carpet to soften your footsteps during the cold mornings of winter.

Look good

Carpets provide style alongside their many comforts. Whether you are looking for a durable, neutral carpet or want to inject a splash of colour with a selection of carpet tiles, carpets are one of the most versatile types of flooring available. They will also look good in any room of the house (although may be less practical in high water areas such as the kitchen and bathroom) and are a great way to create a running theme through the interior design of your home or office.

Open up smaller spaces with pale and neutral carpets, and create a stylistic flow between the rooms in your house using similar tones and styles throughout. Use company colours to create a distinctive style in your office and bold rich colours to set the mood and add warmth to your home. Whether you want to mix and match some carpet tiles or keep your look consistent, add a touch of your personality into your home or office with carpets from The Carpet Giant.

Other benefits

Carpet will not only save you money and keep you warm, but can actually improve your health. A common misconception is that, because you can see the dust collect on a carpet, they encourage dust and germs so are naturally less hygienic.

In actual fact studies suggest that carpets are a natural air filter, as they trap dust that would otherwise be filling the room. They also provide a safer play area for little ones as they cushion a fall as well as providing significant noise reduction. This makes it ideal for families with children, particularly for anyone suffering with asthma.
As the largest flooring warehouse in the South West, we have a huge range of vibrant carpet tiles, natural fibre carpets, rugs and plenty of other soft cushioned flooring to help you, your family and your office stay warm, save money, and look good this winter.

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