Spring cleaning tips: tough stains on carpets

With Spring now in full swing and the Easter weekend approachingit is time for many of us to get out the rubber gloves and the elbow grease and give our homes a good old fashioned spring clean. From basic carpet care tips to how to get rid of stubborn stains, this is our guide to fresh clean carpets.

General Carpet Care

In terms of long term carpet care you can’t do much better than taking your shoes off at the door. No one likes muddy footprints through the house, so keep a shoe rack or designated area by the door. You’d be amazed at the difference it makes.

You should however keep your socks on as bare feet can spread dirt, dust and grease – lovely! You should also vacuum your carpets as often as possible and give them a deep clean once or twice a year (three or four times for high traffic areas.)

Cleaning products: powder/baking soda

Whether you’ve spilt some red wine on a winter’s evening, had pets walk in from a rainy garden or have little ones in the house, carpet stains are inevitable. Just remember the best thing to do is act quickly. If your stain requires carpet powder or baking soda please use as follows:

  • sprinkle generously over carpet
  • leave for 30 mins minimum – the longer the better. If you can leave it overnight where it won’t be disturbed, even better!
  • vacuum the powder away and a lot of your stains should go with it.

Cleaning products: carpet shampoo

Sometimes carpet powder of baking soda just won’t be enough. In these circumstances you should consider using a carpet shampoo or some of the more natural alternatives below. If this doesn’t work we would recommend contacting a specialist. Again the best thing is to act quickly, especially on stubborn stains. Please use as follows:

  • make up solution as directed on label (these solutions usually require water)
  • use just enough to cover the area
  • the more you soak the carpet, the longer it will take to dry and more likely it will be disturbed before the process is done. It is also a huge waste of detergent
  • scrub stubborn stains with a hard bristled brush
  • let your carpet dry
  • vacuum up the shampoo once your carpet is completely dry

Cleaning products: the natural alternative

There are plenty of alternatives to chemicals and powdered cleaning products. We can often buy these things in supermarkets for a fairly low price, without the need to splash out on expensive cleaning products or services. A few examples of natural household cleaning alternatives are:

  • soda water or tonic water ‚Üí good for coffee stains
  • salt ‚Üí helps get rid of mud and soak up fresh stains
  • baking soda ‚Üí can be used for most, but is particularly handy for absorbing nasty smells
  • ice ‚Üí the best solution for any unfortunate chewing gum placement. Freezing it makes it a lot easier to break away from carpet fibres.
  • (equal parts) vinegar and warm water ‚Üí apply with a cloth to get rid of just about any smelly stain.
  • milk ‚Üí the best thing to get rid of blood stains.

Top tip: Always dab a stain, never rub or scrub it before any products have been applied as this will smudge the stain and spread it further. Rubbing will also push whatever caused the stain deeper into the fibres, making them harder to remove in the long run.
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