How to style your stairs

A Classic stair runner

Stair runners are a great way to transform your hallways and highlight your stairs subtly, adding in colour, texture or patterns and will most definitely be a common theme this year with stripes, geometric and bold patterns all coming back into trend. 

Stair runners are ideal for those who still want to show off some of their lovely wooden stairs whilst also adding a bit of warmth and comfort to their staircase, also making them much safer by preventing slipping.

In terms of what materials to get for your runner, we would recommend a wool and polypropylene mix as it’s easy to clean and keeps its appearance well. 

If you have little ones or furry friends, wool and nylon mixes are very durable and also keep their new appearance for a long time, withstanding natural wear and tear.

Carpet colour

However, if you want to achieve a subtlety to your staircase, a neutral or mid-toned carpet looks great in contrast to a tiled or wooden floor. It won’t draw the eye away from any key features but still looks complimentary to the rest of the flooring. Neutrals can also create a warmer and welcoming feel to your hallway and help to open up smaller spaces.

For homes with a lot of footfall, you may want to choose a colour that hides dirt and stains well like a mid-toned grey or brown for your stairs.

Homes that require a statement, go bold with a pattern. We love the monochrome staircase runners which are very chic and a great way to make an impact.

Carpet patterns

If you decide to go bold and make a feature of the staircase, stripes are a striking choice.  They can completely transform the look of your home and can help to create stunning colour combinations to fit with your existing decor. A little tip from us: they’re also brilliant at helping to hide those little wear and tear marks.

Although horizontal stripes can be great at making your staircase appear wider, a vertical stripe can open the space and create the illusion of height, making your staircase look longer; even more so when paired with a light or neutral toned wall.

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