How to pet-proof your flooring

They might be just another member of your family, but furry four-legged friends are often responsible for more than their fair share of messes. It can be hard to stay on top of an intense cleaning routine, but we’ve got a few handy tips and tricks to help you deal with any unavoidable splashes, scratches or shedding, and a couple of ways to protect your flooring.

Stain-resistant carpet

Prevention is the best treatment and we have plenty of different options for your home. We currently stock four different stain-resistant carpets that are safe to clean with bleach and some even come with a lifetime stain-free guarantee. Have a chat with one of our team and find out which of our stain-resistant carpets would be best for your home?

Carpet protector sprays

If you’ve already fallen in love with a carpet that isn’t stain-resistant and you just can’t seem to find one that compares, you can always add your own protection to it. Carpet protector sprays stop spills from becoming stains by preventing them from absorbing into the fabric. There are a few great options, like Scotchgard and Baygard, but it’s always best to check with one of our team or the manufacturer to make sure that they won’t damage your carpet.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles, laminate and vinyl flooring

Some areas of the house are more at-risk than others, so it’s worth weighing up your options. For hallways, kitchens or high-traffic areas, LVT, laminate and vinyl flooring might be better options, especially if you’ve got a number of furry family members. Vinyl and laminate flooring are durable and are easy to clean if the unthinkable happens. With different designs and colours, they work perfectly in any area of the house.

Handy hints

Once you’ve chosen your flooring, there are a few steps that we’d recommend to protect it. Keeping on top of these will keep your flooring looking fresher for longer and should make it easier to care for in the long run.

Pet pee-free

One of our pet peeves on carpets is urine stains, but there’s a really easy way to keep your carpet pee-free. Blot the mess to dry it off, don’t wipe. Wiping only spreads it further and makes more mess! Mix together a solution of 50% water and 50% white vinegar and spray a generous amount onto the area. Allow it to soak in, before scrubbing to loosen off the mark. Once you’ve scrubbed to your heart’s content, pour some baking soda over the whole area and let it react with the vinegar solution. Scrubbing the area again will lift the stain out. Leave to dry and then vacuum off.

We recommend trying this on a small spot that’s hidden away first to make sure that it won’t damage your carpet.

Clip those claws

Long claws can cause a significant amount of damage to thick-pile carpets and can scratch hard floors. If you start to notice that your pet’s claws are growing too long, make sure you get them clipped down to a more manageable size. That way, they won’t get tangled in carpets or scratch your precious floor.

Keep it clean

Regular cleaning will keep your floors looking brand new and make further maintenance much easier. We recommend vacuuming regularly to pull pet hair and dander out of any carpets, and carpet cleaning powders will offer a more intense clean than just vacuuming alone. Microfibre mops are ideal for cleaning laminate floors and hard floors as they pick up dust and leave your floor nice and shiny.

For more advice on how to keep your flooring pet-proofed and clean, have a chat with one of our team in-store or during your free home consultation.

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