How to make a small room look bigger

It feels like no matter how much room we have to work with, we’re always desperate for more. Be it a bigger garden, an extra few square feet of kitchen space, or even another bedroom – there’s always something. If an extension isn’t on the cards and you’re not in the market for a new house, don’t despair – there are plenty of ways for you to make the most of every inch of space in your home.

Start with light colours

We’re all for a bold, rich colour scheme, but if you’re trying to make a small room feel spacious, you can’t go wrong with soft, neutral colours, especially on carpets and flooring. The brighter the shade, the lighter the room, and, in dinky rooms, every ray of light is crucial. If you’re still set on having a splash of colour, be sure to go for soft tones of blue or green. 

It’s all about the illusion

There’s definitely more to this than a light-coloured carpet. Find a way to stretch out your room and give the impression that you’ve got more space than you actually do. A couple of great ways of doing this is to frame your windows with floor-to-ceiling curtains and add a few big pieces of art to your walls. You could even tie in a nice big mirror to reflect the space.

Sink your feet into this

Rugs are perfect for sectioning off bigger rooms, but did you know that they can also be used to give the impression of larger floor space? Instead of using a number of rugs, opt for a single large area rug. The rug should be within a foot of each wall, or a few inches away from the furniture. Our range of carpets can be made into custom rugs to suit any room.

Lighting is everything

Overhead lighting isn’t known for being particularly flattering, and it’s definitely not your friend if you’re trying to create the illusion of space. Instead of using a single source of light, scatter a few lamps around your room to spread the light evenly and create a balance. This is also really useful in rooms with limited natural light or small windows.

Ditch the bulk

Big blocks of furniture can be boxy and oppressive in smaller rooms, so to help open up your space, think about finding furniture with exposed legs and open bases. Chunky sofas or beds can take up a lot of room and end up cluttering that precious floor space, so open headboards are another essential addition to smaller bedrooms.


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