Happy New year! Is it time for a new carpet?

Feeling like your home needs a fresh start? Here’s why your carpet could be the change you need in 2022.

Dull and worn out

Whether it’s the hallway, living room or stairs, we all know the carpets in these rooms are worn away by the hustle and bustle of everyday life and that over the many years are worn down to dull and dirty floors that make the room feel small and dark. 

A quick clean with the vacuum could solve the problem, but if you find this makes little to no difference or those stains won’t fade away, then it’s probably time you switch it out for one of our fresh and bright carpets to light up the room.

Musty and lingering smells

If you’re regularly cleaning your rooms, but are still left with a bad smell, then it’s likely your carpets could be the issue. Every day your flooring will collect dirt in its fibres, especially those that are thick, so all those muddy paws and sticky spills will contribute to that unpleasant smell.

If deep cleans and paid professionals can’t get rid of that lingering odour then now is the time to start again and treat yourself to a lovely new carpet, or even a chic vinyl floor!

Just doesn’t look great

Sometimes we have to just be honest with ourselves and admit that our carpets come to a point where they have passed their prime. If your carpet is beyond repair or recovery then it’s time to change it. Whether you go for a luxurious fluffy textured carpet, rustic wool or completely switch it for a vinyl floor, Carpet Giant will have the perfect one for you. 

Now’s the time to take advantage of our big flooring sale ending on the 31st January. 

Come and see us and we’ll help you find your dream carpet.

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