A Giant Carpet Carry

As carpet professionals we’re aware of how heavy carpets can get. After all, we spend most of the day lugging rolls about! The heaviness of a carpet seems to increase the longer you’re carrying it. This is probably a basic rule of physics, but not being scientists we can’t be certain. There is one thing that we can be certain of though and that’s the fact that a carpet definitely feels heavier after you’ve carried it for a distance of ten kilometres. This is the feat that we undertook the other day.

As part of the celebrations to mark our tenth successful year of trading in Yate, we wanted to give something back to the wider community by doing something out of the ordinary.

We hit on the idea of a sponsored carpet carry and decided to dedicate all of the money raised to the local Yate and Chipping Sodbury foodbank.

With the ten-year anniversary inspiring the ten-kilometre distance, a team of four worked in relay to carry the carpet around Yate and Chipping Sodbury, stopping off at the foodbank for photographs along the way

It’s fair to say that we didn’t quite comprehend just how far 10 kilometres was. We blame the imperial measurement system! But despite this and despite the aforementioned weight of the carpet, it was a fun way to raise money and we certainly raised a few eyebrows from passers by during the event.

The total generated at the final count was £365, which we handed over in the form of a giant cheque to Bob Vernon of the local foodbank, which is part of the nationwide Trussell Trust group of foodbanks.

We’ll continue to raise money for the foodbank where possible to support the work they do, as they provide a fantastic service in the local community for those in need and we hope that our carpet carrying effort raised awareness of some of the lengths that Bob and the team go to.

If anyone wants to find out more about the foodbank they can do so here:


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