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The benefits of carpet flooring

Warmth Carpet works well as an insulator and can help keep your room warm. The insulating benefit of carpet may also help reduce your energy bills in the cold winter months. Easy to clean It’s easy to keep your newly installed carpet nice and clean – just be sure to vacuum it weekly. A deep […]

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Five ways to get your home ready for winter

There’s nothing better than getting all snuggled up and cosy on a cold winter’s day. Here are a few ways that you can make sure that your home is ready for those evenings curled up by the fireside. Tackle cold floors Unlike harder flooring which tends to be colder, carpet acts as an insulator which […]

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How to enhance your home with colour

Consider colour psychology  Did you know that the colour you choose for a room or area could influence how you feel in that space? For example, bright red is known to make people feel more anxious or annoyed, or even hungry, which is exactly why it’s a colour frequently used by food companies. So, whether […]

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