Flooring trends for 2016 pt 1 – Grey is the new black

Neutral colours have been all the rage recently, and whitewash became an important trend in 2015, so now it is time to meet in the middle with “greige”. Not heard of this strange style before? It is a halfway point between grey and beige, which on paper sounds pretty dull, but can stylishly brighten up and modernise any room of the house. These are fantastic colours to use throughout your home or office, creating a sleeker finish and a natural flow between rooms. Here are our favourite things about the new grey and greige trends hitting homes and offices throughout 2016.

Goes with anything

Bright and bold colours are in this year. Whether it’s magenta cushions, black stainless steel appliances, or deep blue walls, grey flooring goes with just about anything. No matter what style you are looking for in a room, neutral flooring is always the perfect way to start, and grey adds a stylish touch to the safe neutral colours we are used to.

Looks good everywhere in the house

Grey is not just limited to carpets. It also looks fantastic in luxury vinyl tiles/planks (stone, slate or wood finishes), stone floors and laminate flooring, meaning it looks fantastic in any room of the house. This is fantastic news for anyone in a small property as the continuous colour scheme will help blend rooms together which will in turn make spaces look bigger.

Creates bright and open spaces

You’re always told if you want to sell your home, neutral colours are a must as you need to provide a blank canvas for any potential buyers. They fantastic thing about grey and greige is that they do just that, but with an added touch of style. Pale greys in particular go a long way to open up small spaces, and in rooms with plenty of natural light they will continue to look sleek and stylish without looking too bright in the sunlight.

What do you think about the grey flooring trend for 2016? Get in touch and let us know.

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