Deck the halls with brand new flooring – but what to choose?

It’s that time of year once again when the shops get busier, the nights draw in and it’s in fact beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Despite the stress and panic of last-minute shopping in preparation for the big day, here at The Carpet Giant, we love getting into the Christmas spirit.

Don’t let the tree be the only new thing in your home this Christmas – decorating always puts us in the mood for a festive knees up, so why stop at the tinsel and the baubles? And the best part, apart from the new carpet of course is that we’ll do all the hard work for you. So just this once in the run up to the annual family festivities, put your feet up and let someone else worry about it.

The important question is, what is the best kind of flooring to host your festive plans?

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring has the benefit of practicality. Not only is it easy to install (not that you need to worry about that), it’s also extremely durable, which is exactly what you need when you have a lot of extra guests in the house. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, so you can kick back and relax among friends safe in the knowledge that you won’t have too much work to do tomorrow.

Our verdict: Great for drinks and parties, suitable for the living room, dining room or other entertaining spaces.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is perfect for high traffic areas of the house, especially the kitchen. If you’re looking to gather around a breakfast bar for a few cocktails, or are looking to serve nibbly food in the kitchen, vinyl flooring is the one for you. It’s very durable, and spills will wipe straight off. It’s easier to clean than laminate flooring, and we have a wonderful range of luxury vinyl tiles, giving you the look of stone, slate or hardwood flooring at a fraction of the price.

Our verdict: Best for drinks in the kitchen – make sure to take off those heels though, they can leave unwanted marks.


There is a reason carpet is the go to flooring in so many people’s homes. It helps to keep your house warm, provides a natural air filter (great for large gatherings where the air can get a little stuffy) and most importantly, provides a soft cushion should anyone fall over – whether you have little ones around or someone’s got a bit too much of the Christmas spirit, it’s always a precaution worth taking. Remember to make sure everyone takes their shoes off at the door – you don’t want any unwanted marks on your brand new carpet.

Our verdict: Ideal for family gatherings and all-day events with large groups of people.

Essentially, the younger your guests are, the softer your flooring should be. But you also need to think in the long term. What will be the best solution for your situation? If you have children, or frequently have them to visit, a carpet or laminate flooring with a rug are your best options. If you like a good dinner party and drinks with friends, invest in something that is easy to clean, like vinyl or laminate. For an added touch of elegance, consider luxury vinyl flooring, available in slate, stone and wood finishes.

Whatever you have planned this Christmas, treat yourself and wow your guests with brand new fitted flooring from The Carpet Giant.


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