Child Friendly Flooring

A child’s bedroom is one of the busiest areas of the house and that will always take a toll on your flooring. Any other bedroom in the house can be fitted with just about anything as it will take a lot less damage, but there is a lot to consider when choosing the flooring for a child’s bedroom, play area and even the communal spaces.

Laminate floors

These are very hard wearing and easy to manage. Laminate floors, however, may not be suitable for very young children, especially those learning to walk. If your child’s room is upstairs or if you live in a flat there is also the noise to consider unless you team it with a large rug or selection of smaller ones. Laminate flooring in communal areas like the lounge, however, can be great for school-age children as it is easy to maintain and clean after shoe scuffs and spillages.


Laminate flooring can however work very well with rugs in place, although, this solution is better for school age children rather than toddlers. They make laminate spaces safer for young children and can provide a fantastic way of letting your kids really customise their own space. We have a fantastic range of children’s rugs both for activities and themed decoration. To find out more about our range of children’s rugs and carpets give us a call on 01454 837538.


Carpets, despite common belief, can protect any little ones who suffer from allergies as they traps dust and pollen rather than expelling it throughout the room. As long as you keep on top of hoovering (once a week) and carpet care (shampooing/cleaning twice a year) you should have a clean, safe, hard wearing environment for your children to play in safely. We now even stock carpets that are stain proof in a variety of colours to suit any room of the house.
For more information about child friendly flooring, our range of products, or any of our other services don’t hesitate to get in touch here or call us on 01454 837538 – we’d love to hear from you.

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