5 benefits of wool carpets

Getting out of bed on a cold winter morning can require a lot of motivation, but what better way to start your day than sinking your feet into a lovely, springy wooly carpet? As the nights draw in and the temperature drops the benefits of wool are obvious – nice toasty feet and a higher retention of heat in your house. But did you know there are also 4 other main benefits of wool carpets?

  • Long lasting

Due to the natural crimp in wool fibres, these carpets retain their texture for a much longer time than other fibre types which helps to retain its original appearance and reduce wear and tear. Wool is also naturally stain resistant which is ideal if you have little ones around the house.

  • Value for money

Although wool initially requires a slightly higher cost, the longevity of the materials and the heat it adds to your house will actually save you money over time. You will need to spend less time and money on cleaning products and because of wool’s natural stain and wear resistant properties you can keep it around for much longer than other styles.

  • Comfort

It’s no secret that wool is naturally soft and kind on the eyes as well as your feet. It is a naturally delustered fibre which provides a smoother, more comfortable appearance and naturally lends itself to more neutral colours. Neutral colours are also great for making a space look bigger. Find out more about the benefits of neutral carpets here.

  • Safety

As well as being kind to your feet – ideal for little ones and pets – wool carpets are also naturally fire retardant. Often the flooring choice for large public areas such as airports for this very reason, wool adds an extra degree of safety to your home or work space.

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